Ever dreamed of becoming a ballerina? Whether you've been longing to unleash or inner dancing queen, or you are looking for a new way to get some exercise, this new Instagram series will be just what you need. Canada's ballerinas are twirling their way into our homes through social media, and you can dance the day away alongside them. The National Ballet's dance lessons will turn your living room into a theatre.

Put on your tutu and lace up your slippers, because these dance sessions will turn you into a real-life ballerina. 

The National Ballet has postponed shows for the time being, but it's not stopping them from sharing their moves with the world.

The organization is now hosting weekly live Instagram videos that allow you to connect with and learn from the dancers.

You can take part in ballet classes hosted by Principal Dancers and Soloists, as well as tune into talks with some of the dancers.

This week, you can even bake alongside the ballerinas as they go live from their kitchen.

The schedule is posted on the National Ballet's Instagram page, so you never have to miss a class.

The lessons are a great way to start a new hobby and get moving while isolating at home.

Attractions and businesses across Toronto are finding ways to reach people from home while the city is in lockdown.

Ripley's Aquarium is hosting videos with all their underwater creatures, and you can even take a dive into the shark tank with the live camera.

The Toronto Zoo is also bringing us videos of their furry creatures, and you can visit sleepy bears and adorable rabbits through their Facebook page.

You can even unleash your inner artist with these art events happening across the province.

Head over to Instagram and get ready to dance your heart out with the National Ballet's live lessons.

National Ballet Lessons

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: Tune into Instagram and dance the day away with these virtual ballet lessons.