7 'Nerdy Date' Ideas In Toronto

Things to do with you s/o if you're a geek at heart!
7 'Nerdy Date' Ideas In Toronto

Finding a nerd-friendly date night spot is easier than ever before. Everywhere you turn someone is rocking a Darth Vader T-shirt, or raving about the new Spiderman movie. So, if playing video games and watching Avengers: Endgame for the 100th time sound like your kind of romance, then you will love these nerdy date night spots in Toronto.

The Sidekick 

Location: 1374 Queen St. E

Price: $2.75 and up

Why you need to go: A nerdy spin on a classic coffee date. You can enjoy a variety of lattes out of a nerdy mug and browse through a large collection of comic books with your date.



Location: 347 Keele St.

Price: $10 unlimited games pass

Why you need to go: This sci-fi-themed bar has countless board and video games for you and your date to enjoy. They also offer boozy drinks, nerdy decor, and a gallery space you can browse through.


Legoland Discovery Centre 

Location: 1 Bass Pro Mills Dr., Vaughan

Price: $22.95

Why you need to go: Once a month Legoland opens up for an adult-only night of nostalgia and fun. Relive some nerdy childhood memories with your date just outside of the city.



Location: 294 College St.

Price: from $29.00 per hour

Why you need to go: There are 50 different virtual reality games for you and your date to enjoy. You even get to drive the race car simulator for free when you book a session!


Storm Crow Manor

Location: 580 Church St.

Price: approximately $50 per person, varies.

Why you need to go: This nerdy bar makes the perfect group date location. You can enjoy a menu of nerdy food and drinks while you play Dungeons & Dragons with your date. Selected menu items are included in the price.


Get Well

Location: 1181 Dundas St. W

Price: $6.50 bottle beers, $8 draughts

Why you need to go: Enjoy a range of well-priced beers while you crush some classic arcade games together.



Location: Various locations throughout Toronto

Price: Prices Vary

Why you need to go: Spice things up a little with a nerdy burlesque show. You can see all of your favourite comic book and video game characters dance the night away.