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Netflix Just Tweeted About Another Possible Season Of Gilmore Girls

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Netflix Just Tweeted About Another Possible Season Of Gilmore Girls

Okay, for those of you who have not seen the most recent season of Gilmore Girls that debuted last month, please click out of this article because it will potentially ruin your entire life.  AKA, there are a lot of spoilers. Now that we have that out of the way, let's get to business.

Here is a quick refresher for those of you who binged watched the entire season the day it came out (no judgment).  The last season of Gilmore Girls ended with Rory telling her mother Lorelai that she is pregnant, and the father of her baby has not yet been confirmed (although I think we can all agree that it's looking like Logan is the father).

Well, Netflix tweeted out a photo this week that has all Gilmore Girls fans going insane.


For those of you who are still confused, this photo is in relation to April’s science project when she figures out Luke is her father.  So now we are left wondering WTF Netflix is implying with this.

Our best guess is that Rory's child is going to grow up, and have to figure out who her father is whether that be Logan, A guy dressed in a Wookie Costume, or Paul?! Yeah we know, it's stressful. Either way, the tweet along with how the last season ended implies that all our prayers have been answered, and another season of Gilmore Girls is definitely a possibility!

Unfortunately for all #TeamJess fansout there (aka me), he does not seem to be on the roster.

    Sara Sandham
    Staff Writer
    Sara Sandham was a writer with Narcity Media.
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