There are plenty of things that the city of Toronto has going against it: Traffic, smog, expensive housing and insane commute times.

There are also plenty of things that Toronto has going for it too, but the mayor of Saint John, New Brunswick doesn't want you to focus on that. Mayor Don Darling wants more people to move to his city. In a public post last week, Darling shared an article about New Brunswick having the lowest commute time in the country.

Stats Canada released the information last week, showing that cities like Vancouver and Toronto have two of the highest commute times across Canada. In comparison, Saint John residents average 20 minutes to get to work, while Toronto and Vancouver residents average 34 and 30 minutes respectively.

But that's not all they have. “Hey Toronto and Vancouver, move to Saint John NB,” wrote Darling. “We have jobs, you can buy a house for well under 200k and our commutes are measured in minutes. Contact me and I will share with you how much I love my city and how much we want you.”

One bedroom apartments in the New Brunswick city currently sit at around $600 a month, some with all utilities included. That's about one third of the price of Toronto or Vancouver one bedroom apartments. And let's not forget the vacancy rates are around 1% in both cities right now.

Darling is serious about his offer, and he wants us to know it. In response to a comment on his post, which has been shared over a hundred times, he wrote: “There are many employers that can’t find enough employees. In the short term we need to retrain people and attract them here from all over Canada and the world. To be successful in the future, we will need to make sure we are training our young people with the skills they need to land a job locally.”

People are so interested in the move that the mayor even offered to start a new thread about job opportunities. He's also very interested in helping us pay (much) less in rent each month.

Would you give up living in Toronto for a quaint maritime town?