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New Laws Will Allow Medicinal Marijuana Users To Grow Their Own Pot

Health Canada has expanded their rules, and medicinal marijuana users will now be able to grow their own pot by the end of this month.

Patients that have already been approved to obtain medical marijuana will now be able to grow a limited amount pot as well! These patients will be eligible to grow their own marijuana, or assign somebody to grow it for them.

Some of you might be wondering, how much is a "limited amount"?  The amount of marijuana a patient will be allowed to grow will be based on the amount they are prescribed by their physician.

If patients are interested in growing their own product rather than buying from the government, they must submit an application to register with Health Canada. The application will include information as to where cannabis will be produced and stored.

If a patient decides to delegate the task of growing their marijuana to another individual, that person must pass a background check showing they haven't been convicted of a drug offence in the last 10 years and that they aren't growing for more than two people, themselves included.

These new rules will come into effect August 24th! 


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