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Toronto Is Getting New Green Condos With Private "Micro Gardens" For Growing Food (PHOTOS)

These two Toronto condos are going green in the most luxurious way possible.
Toronto Is Getting New Green Condos With Private "Micro Gardens" For Growing Food  (PHOTOS)

Toronto condo owners will soon be able to dip their toes into urban agriculture life. The Logan is a new luxury Toronto condo development by Daniels Corporation that is currently under construction at 889 Queen St East. Both The Logan and The Plant condos at 41 Dovercourt Road will soon be offering residents a uniquely green experience. Both condos feature several agriculture-centered amenities that allow their tenants to fully embrace their green thumbs.

According to the Daniels Corporation, The Logan is a condo committed to supporting an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. The residence features a green roof which hosts garden plots for residents of the 59 units in the condominium to share. The plots will allow residents to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers with the assistance of urban gardening consultants.

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According to a report by Now Magazine, The Plant will include an internal greenhouse to help cultivate seeds and protect new plants. As if that wasn’t enough, each suite comes with its own micro garden beds for planting fresh herbs and a terrace balcony built specifically for growing crops. The Plant’s suites are purposely built wide and shallow to help bring in sun exposure to help tenant’s plants thrive.

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“Balconies and terraces are more like an eight-story porch,” explained CEO of Windmill, Jonathan Westeinde in an interview with Now Magazine. “They have their own structure, with railings and lattices, as well as a thermal break, so they’re orientated to work with the sun and encourage plant life to take hold.”

According to Urban Toronto, The Plant is expected to be completed by late 2022. The Logan, will be finished later this year.