Coaching isn't the only thing the Toronto Raptors bench boss is good at. During the team's 25-year celebration on February 26, Nick Nurse shared exciting updates on his second love, music. And it turns out the coach will be performing on stage in the 6ix in March for his foundation in support of musical programs for kids. What a guy.

Throughout the night's celebrations on Wednesday, Nurse spoke with City News and shared that he is actually working on four songs at the moment and prepping for a "little" performance.

Don't humble yourself, coach, we've seen you perform with Arkells. We know what you're capable of!

"I'm working on four songs right now, I'm getting ready to have a little performance actually. March 11, I'm having a kick-off for my foundation, the Nick Nurse foundation, in support of music programs for kids around the Toronto area," says Nurse to City News.

"We have a lot of bands coming in and I'm going to sit in with... well, at least one of them," he adds with a smile.

And it seems as though that band, again, might be Arkells.

TSN reporter Josh Lewenberg tweeted on Thursday afternoon that Nurse revealed that those four songs will be a collab with the Hamilton band. In fact, he was in the studio with them that very day for a rehearsal.

Honestly, Nick, there is such a thing as being TOO talented.

We surely can't be the only ones hoping one of the four tracks is a rocking Damian Marley cover? After all, we know Nurse loves "Welcome to Jamrock" so much that it's his top pick for a walkout song.

While Nurse has a talent for music, we're less sure about his group of rookies.

Terence Davis, Dewan Hernandez, and Matt Thomas showed off their secret, erm, skills and sang some classic tunes in front of everyone at the event as part of their rookie initiation.

Thomas joked to City on Thursday that Nurse hasn't serenaded him just yet.

"Actually, the other day, I thought it was him playing the piano before the game in his office but apparently, it was just a recording," Thomas added.

Possibly quickly remembering that Nurse controls his game time, Thomas added: "Obviously, though, he's a great musician himself."

Nice save, MT.

Besides being a great musician and coach, Nurse also used to be a basketball player and apparently hasn't lost that magic touch.

March 11 is the date of Nurse's gig, but it's not clear yet when the songs will emerge.

Don't be too good, though, Nick. The Scotiabank Arena home bench needs you.