It looks like all of Toronto is currently practicing social distancing the best way they can amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But regular little reminders to keep up the good hygiene don't hurt. And Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse's video about handwashing seems to have gone down a treat.

As COVID-19 cases continue to increase, the province has been consistent in emphasizing the importance of proper handwashing.

And Nurse lived up to his name on Wednesday, March 18 with a "coach's playbook" video shared on the Raptors' Instagram.

Appropriately titled "Wash Your Hands," the clip shows him greeting everybody at home while he maintains his self-quarantine.

Although effective handwashing is expected for 20 seconds, Nurse suggests keeping things in line with the tune of basketball and thinking of it as a shot-clock timer instead.

"You should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds but let's make it 24, think of it as a shot clock. This is one time we don't mind a shot-clock violation," says the Iowan.

The NBA champ then shares when the most important times to practice proper handwashing are.

"Do it when you enter and leave a new place, do it after social contact no matter how minimal and do it any time you touch your eyes, nose or mouth."

Thanks, Nick!

Nurse's message seemed to go down well with fans.

"That's my COTY!" read one comment on the Instagram post, while another renamed the bench boss "Nick Doctor."

And his informative video also got the seal of approval from Toronto's Mayor, John Tory.

This isn't the first time he has filmed a rather unusual "coaching" video.

A few weeks ago, the 52-year-old helped "train" Ontario band Arkells for their upcoming gig.

Meanwhile, the band itself is also taking to social media to make the most of social distancing by teaching some music lessons through Instagram live, which is pretty wholesome.

So, now might be the perfect time to wash your hands and pick up a guitar.

After all, Toronto is an absolute ghost town as people are staying indoors, aiming to prevent any spread of the disease.

Nurse isn't the only Raptor also sharing tips and tricks with fans in isolation right now.

Serge Ibaka has been keeping his fans and followers up to date with his workout routine as he stays self-isolated.