Toronto has been having their fair share of viral fights these days, what with the insane yet somewhat iconic Pizza Pizza fight that broke out a couple weeks ago. We get it, Torontonians. It's not great summer weather, Centre Island is closed, the Jays are losing - there's a LOT to be mad about, 

As the heat rose outside this weekend, tempers rose too, as two Torontonians got WILD over a parking spot while grocery shopping at a Scarborough No Frills. 

The two parties began yelling, screaming and honking at each other before getting into a physical fist fight. Bystanders honked horns in attempts to stop the fight, which was only broken up once shoppers and security intervened. 

The hight point of the fight was caught on video by Adam LeRoy, who posted the fight to YouTube which you can see here. Thankfully, all parties calmed down and drove away safely. Parking? Not worth it. Pizza, however...