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Minimum Wage Won't Be Going Up In 2019 And 5 Other Major Changes Coming To Doug Ford's Ontario

If you somehow missed it on the news last night or this morning the Ontario PC party crushed the NDPs and Liberals to win a majority government.

By winning a majority the party will now be able to lead Ontario for the next 4 years until another election. But what will those 4 years look like under PC leader Doug Ford? 

Here’s what his election means to the province. 

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Ford ran primarily on making promises that involved cutting taxes for people.

For example, Ford has promised to cut income taxes by 20% for those earning between $43,000 and $86,000.

He has also said that he wants to find a way to lower the price of paying for gas by 10 cents per litre. He also wants to lower the cost Ontarians hydro rates by 12%.

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Ford has also thrown down a bit of a gauntlet with his talk that he thinks that marijuana should be sold through private stores instead of government controlled ones, which is what the province had been pursuing under the Liberal government.

Ford has even spoken out on the issue of minimum wage, saying that he would keep it at $14 an hour, but would not raise it to $15 next year as the Liberals had intended to do. 

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He also wants his government to take a big role in transit in Toronto, saying he will build a downtown relief line as well as 3 stops for the subway in Scarborough and a Sheppard Yonge North subway extension as well.   

So he's certinally a man with a lot of big goals, the challenge now will be delivering on those promises in the next 4 years. 

Source: Toronto Star

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