No Name Advertisements Are Suddenly Popping Up All Over Toronto (PHOTOS)

"Transfers: for transferring."
No Name Advertisements Are Suddenly Popping Up All Over Toronto (PHOTOS)

If you live in Toronto and have gone out into the downtown area, you've most likely seen a lot of advertisements in the subway station, out on the street, on buildings, cars and even on some GO trains. Now, the no name brand is making a comeback by plastering bright, yellow ads across Toronto and it just seems like they keep appearing everywhere. These no name ads have brought back the classic Canadian brand in such an awesome way.

The no name brand, which has been a Canadian household name for over 40 years, is bringing its simple packaging to the streets of Toronto. The ads, which highlight the obvious while adding a funny, yet straightforward note, are plastered all over Toronto. Some people went onto Twitter to share some pictures of the ads that have taken over the city, including on the TTC, taxis, and even GO trains. A lot of people are loving the minimalistic ads which tend to bring some laughter into the lives of many Torontonians.

The brainpower behind this? John Street, Loblaw's advertising agency.*

Dave Wotherspoon, senior creative director for Loblaw ans the man responsible for No Name's popular Twitter account, told the Toronto Star they were looking for "a way to talk to Canadians in a no-name way."

“We love this brand. It’s simple, it speaks to people, the can of carrots says carrots. We know there has to be a way to leverage that in a humorous way. No name packaging is very brief and to the point."

Of course, these ads are sticking to no name's famous "no frills" packaging. All of the ads clearly state the obvious. "Northbound trains" reads one ad at Union Station, "for trains that go north" and another that reads "transfers, for transferring."

The hilarious yet clever way of promoting the no name brand has also been noted to be as equally hilarious online.

The tweets and ads are too punny and some people on Twitter also seem to agree.

One user says that "no name advertisements are a simple gift that we all need," and honestly, she may be right.

The Lakeshore West GO Train also looks like it got hit with the no name love so even people from outside of the city can enjoy a little bit of comedy on their commute.

One ad reading "Seats, serves 3" while another reads "view, may contain inspiration."

[rebelmouse-image 25951325 photo_credit=" Elizabeth Keith | Narcity " expand=1 original_size="3264x1632"]

There's no word on how long these ads will stay up across the city but here's to hoping we see some more funny ads in places we probably wouldn't suspect.

But one thing is for sure, no name is taking over Toronto in a whole new way!

* This article has been updated.

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