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Nordstrom Is Opening A Discounted Store Near Toronto

Everyone loves bargain hunting, finding something for half off it's original sale price can make you feel like you're some kind of professional shopping expert who knows what they're doing.  

It's even better if you can find some luxury brand really cheap. It feels like you've won the shopping lottery. 50% off a Louis Vuitton purse? That's basically shopping heaven. 

Well soon there will be a store where you can do that without having to run around all day looking for the best deal. 

On Thursday of this week Nordstrom will a discounted store, called Nordstrom Rack, just outside of Toronto at the Vaughan Mills Mall.  

The Company says there will be savings on items up to 70% off! Think about it, you could walk away with what would normally cost you an arm and a leg for basically nothing!  

The store will also reportedly stock home, beauty and travel items as well. So basically you can go and redo your entire home in expensive items and not pay full price!   

If you live somewhere in the GTA and Vaughan is too far for you to drive you may not have to wait very long for one to come to you. 

That's because Nordstrom is planning on opening another store in Yorkville later this year.   

So let the shopping, and savings begin.


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