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Norman Powell Was Such A Beast On The Court Today That He’s Trending On Twitter

Monday, January 20 was quite the day for one Toronto Raptor in particular. During the game against the Atlanta Hawks, Norman Powell showed Toronto, Canada, and the world what he's got. In fact, his performance was so on fire that he actually set the internet alight, blowing up as the number one trending topic on Twitter in Toronto. And with good reason, too.

Powell lit the fuse in the second half in Georgia and put in a display in the fourth quarter in particular that many fans are calling incredible.

In fact, he ended being the top scorer in the entire game despite not having been named in the starting five.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Stormin' Norman racked up 27 points, one rebound, and one assist. He has now scored 20 or more points in five straight games for the first time in his career.

After missing 11 straight games due to a shoulder injury, Powell came back to the court fully prepared to do damage on the court. And that's exactly what he has done.

According to the Globe and Mail, Powell scored 20 points during his first game back against the San Antonio Spurs, 23 against the Oklahoma City Thunder, 28 vs. the Washington Wizards, and 20 against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Just look at Kyle Lowry's reaction above and tell us that doesn't say it all.

This is now his fifth straight game as one of the team's leading scorers and fans are absolutely loving it.

The overwhelming reaction from supporters? Norm was on fire.

"Call the Atlanta fire department, Norman Powell on fire," read one message.

There's always the guy who takes it too far, though.

(OK, we know this was a joke.)

Better not tell Norm that, because we all know how he feels about Kawhi these days.

It's been quite the turnaround for Powell.

After all, it was just back in December that Raps coach Nick Nurse was brutally honest about the player's contributions on the court.

In the interview several weeks ago, Nurse told Powell that his role would remain as an off-the-bench guy.

That will undoubtedly have disappointed the San Diego native but he's sure as hell staking his claim right now.

Looks like lighting fires is Norman's new normal.

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