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A Tow Truck Caught On Fire & Exploded On A Toronto Street Last Night (VIDEO)

Toronto police are treating the incident as suspicious.
A Tow Truck Caught On Fire & Exploded On A Toronto Street Last Night (VIDEO)

On Monday evening, residents of a North York neighbourhood were startled by the sight of a tow truck up in flames. A Toronto resident took footage of the sight from a balcony overlooking a parking lot in a residential area, where the truck was stationed. The North York tow truck fire is considered suspicious by police, who are currently investigating what happened. The video, posted at 10:12 p.m., shows thick black smoke spewing out of a truck that is aggressively on fire in an area between two buildings. The flames can be clearly seen even from a distance. Suddenly, a loud popping noise can be heard coming from the vicinity. The resident who took the video says to her friend, "they're firecrackers" after the loud blast pierces the air. There were plenty of people in the parking lot at the time, and they can be heard screaming when they hear the explosion. They can also be seen dispersing away from the general area of the flames after the loud blast.Toronto Police are treating the incident as suspicious. CP24 reports that a group of males fled the scene after the explosion, but they don't have a clear number of how many of them were in the group. There are also no descriptions of the suspects at this time.

The ordeal happened near Bathurst and Wilson, and no injuries have been reported. Police were called at around 9:30 p.m., according to Newstalk 1010. Police are speculating that it was not fireworks that caused the loud bang like the original poster may have first thought. In fact, police have stated that a gas can on the back on the truck may have caused the explosion. 

So far, no other developments have been released from Toronto Police about the investigation. 

However, this wasn't the only traffic-related incident that took place throughout the night and into the morning. 

A collision on Highway 401 approaching Meadowvale Road blocked the centre lane this morning, causing massive backup and delays for commuters who were attempting to make it to work this morning. 

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