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November Was Officially The Gloomiest Month Toronto Has Had In Years

There was an average 88% cloud coverage in the month.
November Was Officially The Gloomiest Month Toronto Has Had In Years

November was a roller coaster ride of temperatures in Toronto. We had rain, snow storms, freezing temperatures, and intense winds. What we didn't have was a lot of sunshine. In fact, according to the Weather Network, we barely had any sun at all. 

The Weather Network determined that Toronto had an average cloud coverage of 88% during the days in November. In simpler terms, there was hardly any sunshine all month, making it the most depressing and gloomy month Toronto has had in years. 

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According to the Weather Network, in the month as a whole, there were nine days where it was 100% cloud coverage. There were 22 days when there was at least 80% cloud coverage. There was only 1 day that had less than 50% cloud coverage and that was November 22nd. 

This weather is so depressing that it actually was record-breaking. This was the least sunny month Toronto has had since December 2014.  

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So, what's to blame for Toronto's super depressing month? Multiple different systems were moving across the area and it caused a vicious cycle of clouds. 

The first systems brought lots of snow and clouds. Then there wasn't enough sun earlier on to dry out the earth, so the moisture evaporated and formed more clouds. Which then, in turn, meant the earth didn't dry out, creating more clouds. You get the picture. 

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Despite the most depressing month ever officially coming to an end today, December isn't going to be much better. Rain is in the forecast to start the month off and the Weather Network says we can expect even more clouds to end off 2018. 

Source: Weather Network

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