Nursing Ranked The #1 Profession In Ontario For 2017

Based on job prospects and growth.
Nursing Ranked The #1 Profession In Ontario For 2017

What qualifies a profession as great? For Emsi, a labour market analytics firm, high pay and promising job prospects are important criteria.

In Ontario, nursing has taken the top spot in a list of best job prospects, according to Emsi's analysis of the top job trends in the province. The results showed that health fields, especially nursing, will see the biggest job gains between 2017 and 2022.

Such number may contradict a current trend that involves the replacement of registered nurses with lower-qualified health-care workers in some health facilities. However, Emsi still predicts a 9% increase in nursing positions by 2022.

Back in 2015, registered nurses were not even included in the top five. Nursing's climb to the #1 spot in this year's analysis is just one example of its potential. What was once considered a female-oriented career now readily welcomes people from all walks of life, including those who may be seeking a career change. 

Aside from nursing, a few other professions also managed to land spots in Emsi's lists:

Projected Biggest Job Gains in Ontario

  1. Registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses
  2. Information systems analysts, consultants
  3. Early childhood educators
  4. Nurses aides, orderlies and patient service associates
  5. Kitchen helpers and related occupations
  6. Administrator officers
  7. Sales and account representatives in wholesale trade
  8. Computer programmers and interactive media developers
  9. Elementary school and kindergarten teachers
  10. Retail salespersons

Projected Highest Paid Jobs In Ontario 

  1.  Media managers (i.e. publishing, film, broadcasting, etc.)
  2. Urban planners
  3. Railway/marine traffic controllers/regulators
  4. Professional engineers
  5. Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers
  6. Architecture and science managers
  7. Purchasing managers
  8. Computer and information systems managers
  9. Pharmacists
  10. Managers in natural resources production and fishing

Source: Toronto Sun