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Oakville Issues Warning After A Coyote Snatched A Dog From Someone’s Backyard

The town is asking owners to not leave their pets unattended.
Toronto Staff Writer
Oakville Coyote Attack Prompts The City To Issue A Warning To Dog Owners

Pet owners may want to pay extra attention to their furry creatures after an Oakville coyote attack last week. According to the city, a chihuahua was snatched from its backyard by one of the wild creatures. Since the death of the dog, the city is asking residents not to leave their pets unattended. 

In an email to Narcity, Jane Courtemanche, a spokesperson for the Town, confirmed that the incident occurred in the evening on May 13 in the southwest part of the town. 

The owner of the chihuahua was inside when they spotted the coyote snatch the dog and hop over the fence. 

The woman was able to chase down the creature to a nearby park, but once rescued the pup did not survive. 

Since the incident, town officials have issued a warning to residents.

“It is very important that dog owners always keep their dogs on leash, unless in a designated leash-free area, so they have control of their pet should they encounter a coyote," read the statement. 

"We strongly recommend that residents do not leave small pets unattended in their yard and to ensure that cats are kept indoors where they will be safe.”

Courtemanche also noted that workers had distributed flyers around the area where the attack occurred.

“We have distributed the attached flyer to all streets in the area to help residents know what to do around coyotes,” she added.

According to The Hamilton Spectator, the flyer warns residents about “coyote pupping season” a period of time, which causes the animals to become active and protective of their den sites.

Oakville staff are scheduled to host “two virtual information sessions” in June to discuss how to support the community by providing further education concerning coyotes.

However, as humans continue to stay inside, it seems that coyotes have been spotted around the GTA more frequently. 

Back in March, coyotes were filmed walking down the sidewalks of some Toronto roads. 

Foxes and deers have also been spotted making their way further into the city. 

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