OG Anunoby could be forgiven for thinking something's up. In the Toronto Raptors' win over the Charlotte Hornets on November 18, the 22-year-old was hit in the eye for the second time in a matter of days. The latest OG Anunoby eye injury sparked a frenzy of Raptors fans speculating on how he could protect himself going forward.

Anunoby was left with a damaged eye after he was inadvertently poked in the peeper by his former Raptors teammate Kawhi Leonard during a game against Kawhi's Clippers on Monday, November 11.

Kawhi did, in fairness, run over to check on OG after the incident.

A week later, on Monday, November 18, it happened again!

Anunoby was in the process of hitting a career-best 24 points against the Hornets when he was caught in the face by a flying arm.

According to the Canadian Press, OG's eye was visibly red post-game, and he said he'd try wearing a protective mask or goggles at Tuesday's practice.

Meanwhile, Nick Nurse was not exactly thrilled with the damage done to one of his star pupils.

"I wish they'd catch the guy who does it once in a while," said the Raptors coach. "That's two games he's been hit in the head and nobody sees anything."

And, with this being the second incident in the space of a week, Raptors players and fans are taking action.

Anunoby's teammate Rondae Hollis-Jefferson said after the game: "We were just joking about that at the end of the bench towards the end of the game. 'Hey, dude, you are going to have to wear the Bane mask pretty soon just to keep people out your eyes.'"

Hollis-Jefferson isn't the only one coming up with potential solutions.

In fact, in the moments after OG's latest injury, Twitter was awash with ideas. Here's our favourite selection.

We have to say, some of these are pretty fantastic, from becoming the third member of Daft Punk to donning heavy-duty industrial goggles.

There may not have been Kawhi on hand this time to check up on OG, but Anunoby did have Canadian royalty in the audience for his second eye injury of November.

Bianca Andreescu, along with Torontonian Olympic swimmer Penny Oleksiak, was seen chugging drinks courtside.

Whether Anunoby will need or choose to wear protection during his next on-court appearance remains to be seen.

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