All good things must come to an end. What goes up must come down. You can use whatever cliches you like, but the Raptors franchise record-winning streak had to end sometime. It was ultimately snapped at 15 on February 12 but it appears it ran for so long that OG Anunoby had never experienced anything like it. Well, not in sports. Maybe in popular classic games, though.

The Raptors took on the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday night and lost 101-91 in New York.

That was the first time in exactly a month that Toronto hadn't taken home the W, since a 105-104 defeat to Demar DeRozan's San Antonio Spurs on January 12.

While No. 16 wasn't meant to be for TO, the month of wins was unlike anything Anunoby had ever experienced.

Well, apart from in a popular family-friendly game, that is.

Shortly after the game, reporters caught up with OG. 

"Have you ever won this many games in a row, in your entire life, in anything?" a TSN reporter asked the London-born baller.

At first, OG seems confused. "Like, at basketball?" he asks, raising his eyebrows.

Then, Serge Ibaka's serial troller goes back to childhood, citing Connect Four as the last time he probably went on such a streak. The reporter can't contain his laughter.

In fairness, Connect Four is a solved game, meaning that the person to make the first move will always win if they play the right moves. Sorry to spoil the magic for you.

OG's droll response won't be too surprising to Raptors fans who have gotten to know him on a whole other level this year.

His digs at Ibaka has been expert level. The two even dabbled in a "scarf-off" which ignited plenty of talk about Ibaka and his extravagant winter accessory. 

Ibaka, incidentally, gifted the team their very own scarves on their trip to Brooklyn. If they were meant to be good-luck tokens, they didn't work.

OG's performances on the court have been noteworthy, too.

The clues have been there since videos of his dunking prowess from back in high school. Although it may not have been a straight winning streak, he did make some impressive moves on the court.

So, now we know — AG Anunoby is good at basketball, and he's apparently pretty handy at Connect Four, too.