Cineplex has blessed us with the opportunity to celebrate the most sacred day of the year, October 3rd.  Unfortunately, we cannot confirm that Aaron Samuels will be in attendance.  *Sobs*

Cineplex is currently offering a deal where they are opening up their VIP Cinemas to screen one of our favourite cult classics, Mean Girls.  And the best part is, it's super cheap.  Tickets will be $9.99 for these special screenings, as opposed to the usual $25.00 VIP ticket.

So, if you want to make your Monday a little more tolerable, grab your BFF and head to VIP for a super cheap outing.  There will be no better place to witness Regina George in sweat pants, or see Damien throw shade at Gretchen Weiners.

To find a location near you that will be screening Mean Girls on October 3rd, click here!

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