First Doug Ford's government announced that they would be repealing the new sex-ed curriculum from 2015 and that students would be taught the old one from 1998 when they went back to school in the fall. Then they began saying they might keep some elements from the new one but on the very same day they announced that the old curriculum would be good enough. 

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So at this point, Ontarians are confused, and many of them are outraged, about what is happening and what students will be taught in September. The biggest problem though is the person who has all the answers is nowhere to be found. 

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Lisa Thompson was appointed by Doug Ford as the Minister of Education, meaning at the end of the day she is the one who gets to make the big decisions on what is going to happen with the sex-ed curriculum.

That also means she should probably have the answers to Ontarians questions about what is going on with the sex-ed curriculum, but for some reason instead of clearing things up, Lisa Thompson has avoided talking about it for the past three days. 

Third day in a row education minister @LisaThompsonMPP did not come out of question period to answer questions from reporters, amid confusion over sex ed repeal. Protesters outside Queen’s Park all morning imploring it be kept

19 July 2018

Every day after the legislation and after question period, the media holds scrums with MPPs to ask important questions and get clarity on what was said during the legislation. It is especially significant for transparency in a party to speak to the media. 

By avoiding this very important time, Lisa Thompson is denying people the opportunity to get the answers that Ontarians really want to know and with the school year starting in around six weeks, those answers are really important. 

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And while the Minister of Education is hiding inside protestors have been outside at Queen's Park demanding answers and fighting for the 2015 curriculum to be kept in place. 

The group gathered included parents, teachers, and students who all are petitioning the government for the curriculum not to change. The protests will only continue this weekend with marches being hosted at Queen's Park. 

Proud of Molly for speaking so eloquently and of ⁦@CyrusALane⁩ and ⁦@JoanneOSullivn⁩ for organizing the sex Ed curriculum protest today at Queens Park. Knowledge is power and ignorance is deadly. We will not go backwards. Well done, all of you.

19 July 2018

Meanwhile, Lisa Thompson is being criticized for avoiding the people of Ontario who claim she is hiding because she doesn't actually have the answers and others have said that Doug Ford's party is treating the media the same way Donald Trump does.