Sam Oosterhoff, the 20-year-old Conservative MPP from Niagara West was recently named the parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Education. 

While this is a huge accomplishment for Oosterhoff, especially at his young age a lot of Ontarians are really mad about it. 

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As the parliamentary assistant, Oosterhoff will be responsible for aiding Education Minister Lisa Thompson with legislation, committee matters, and working with the community and industry members. Given that it's the Ministry of Education, his role will have a big impact on students and parents in Ontario. 

But the big problem is that Ontarians think he is really unqualified for the position, and it's not just because of his age. Oosterhoff was homeschooled his entire life, meaning he has never been in the Ontario public school system, the part of Government that he is now in charge of. 

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Ontarians are now reacting to news of Oosterhoff's appointment to this position and they are not happy. On a Reddit thread, they are calling the decision insane and saying that it really shows how much the new government cares about education. 

They are especially mad about the fact that under his responsibilities will be addressing and re-doing the sex-ed curriculum for Ontario, some mentioning that he has been called homophobic in the past. 

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People are also saying this isn't the first time the Conservatives had an unqualified person in charge of education. In the Mike Harris era of 1995-2003, John Snobelen was the Minster of Education despite never graduating high school.