Buying legal weed in Canada is about to get so much easier. A new cannabis-centred app called Grab will be launching in Alberta and Ontario this month, in hopes of upping the ante as we enter the era of legal weed. According to a press release, Grab is the first-ever mobile phone app that is 100% compliant with provincial and federal regulations for legal cannabis. It has been carefully designed to supply pot-smokers across the country with the convenience they have been waiting for.

According to the release, research has shown that Canadians want the luxury of shopping at the country’s weed hot spots from the comfort of their own homes, which I feel almost goes without saying because buying things is always better when you don't have to leave your couch. 90% of cannabis users surveyed in the study said that they want the option to reserve their favorite strains for an in-store pick using the new app.

"Grab lets you browse current menus from government licensed cannabis stores in your area. You can reserve products and build your order online then skip the line-ups when you pick up your order at the store," explained David Ramsaran, the company’s lead applicated developer.

"With Grab, you can browse more strains than you ever knew existed. You can research them before you buy, then rate, share, and review your new favourite strains with your friends afterwards."

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Shortages have already become a problem for Canada’s booming marijuana industry, according to a report by BNN Bloomberg. Which makes the app's ability to reserve products online a necessary tool to ensure that you always get the product you want without the hassle.

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The app’s success will no doubt depend on its ability to hold close relationships with legal cannabis stores in Ontario and Alberta. Grab will also need to work with the federal and provincial government to ensure that it is always operating within the law. New regulations on cannabis were set in place on October 17th, 2018.