Ontarians Should Expect Snow Flurries And Freezing Temperatures For The Rest Of The Week

The rest of the week is filled with wet snow and lower than normal temperatures across the province
Ontarians Should Expect Snow Flurries And Freezing Temperatures For The Rest Of The Week

Last week Ontario got its first snowfall while tonight Toronto and the rest of the GTA is anticipated to have their first dusting of snow for the season. Considering we're already in mid-October and autumn is rushing before our eyes, it looks like the winter weather is making a come back for the rest of the week. 

While you can almost hear the rest of the province already groaning about the winter-like weather, some of us have been anticipating the change in seasons. Dropping temperatures are bringing snow to southern Ontario for the first time ever overnight tonight as well as to more northern parts of the province in the next few days. 

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According to the Weather NetworkOntarians living in southern parts of the province are going to experience dropping temperatures thanks to the Great Lakes. The lake-effect winds will bring in wet snow and freezing temperatures for the snowfall of the year in the bottom part of the province. 

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Still, northern Ontarians will be getting another blast of winter weather as well with more lake-effect squalls bringing up to 5 cm of snow from the Weather Network forecast. Some unlucky people living in higher terrain zones could get up to 10 cm of snow due to wind moving back and forth in local areas. 

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Environment Canada has issued 13 special statements due to the drop in temperature, six concerning snow and seven concerning frost. Ontarians who may not get snow in their area should be warned that low temperatures can cause frost, which may hurt plants or crops you could be growing. 

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Canadians who are wishing that we could go back to summer-like temperatures will be happy to hear that on Friday temperatures will be climbing back up to around 10 degrees Celsius. That means that though the snow is coming, it won't be sticking around for too long. 

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Winter is coming to Ontario, so it's time to pack up your summer wardrobe and make way for sweaters, boots, scarves and toques. It's going to be a long and cold season.