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Ontarians Who Bought Legal Cannabis Online Just Realized How Disorganized The Ontario Cannabis Store Really Is

Only hours into the legal sale of cannabis in Ontario, the OCS put a notice on their website. The notice says that, due to a large volume of orders, people would be waiting longer to receive their packages. Now that warning is coming true and people are starting to panic. 

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On a Reddit thread,Ontarians are revealing that they haven't received a shipping notice or even a single confirmation of their order. To be fair, the website only went live two days ago, but the OCS's lack of communication is more than a little concerning.

Via Reddit

Many customers who bought cannabis from the OCS website on the very first day have complained online, saying they have yet to receive their order. Originally, it had been advertised that shipping would only take 1-3 days through Canada Post. 

Given that timeline, it's reasonable that they wouldn't have gotten their products yet. But, what seems to really be concerning people is that they haven't received any updates on the status of their orders, either. 

Via Reddit

Now, Ontario's legal cannabis customers are completely freaking out, saying it will be a miracle if they get their order any time soon. One user said they would be happy if they got their order at all in October, while another said they looked forward to getting their weed in 2019. 

Based on all the panicked comments in the thread, it is evident that there isn't a clear system to how orders are being filled. Some people with lower order numbers, indicating that they purchased sooner than others, have yet to even receive an update. Meanwhile, customers with higher order numbers already got their weed. 

For example, someone who claims to have an order number in the 19000s claims to have already received their order while another customer with an order number in the 3500s hasn't even gotten a shipping notification. 

Via Reddit

Some of the lucky ones who have received their orders already have shared details online saying that the cannabis came in a very plain cardboard box and included product safety information sheets as well. 

Another factor motivating people's panic over their cannabis order status is a potential Canada Post rotating strike that could begin on Monday, seeing mail service dropped down to only 3 days a week. 

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