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Ontarians Will Be Using Electronic Voting Machines For The First Time In This Coming Election

If you’ve ever voted before you know how to do it, even if you haven’t voted you’ve probably gone with your parent at some point and seen them do it. 

You go in, get your ballot, cross off a giant X in the circle next to who you want to vote for, then drop it in the box and leave. Simple. 

Well not anymore with the news that most Ontarians will now be using electronic voting when they vote for the next provincial leader.   

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Here’s how things will work this time around. 

You’ll go in and be given a ballot to fill out, then you’ll hand it back to an official working there who will then feed it through a tabulating machine. 

This is the first time that it’s happening for a provincial election in the province and there are some real advantages to it.  

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It much easier to count all the ballots because they’re recorded electronically. Counting them by hand would take much longer.  

The only real drawback is that if the machine breaks down that things could get really confusing and messy.  

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These machines won’t be at all polling stations, but 90% of the population of Ontario lives in the ridings where they will be located, so odds are if you’re voting you’ll be using one. 

The only question is will there still be a way to write in something like ‘Darth Vader’ as a protest vote? 

Source: CBC

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