Ontario Actually Expected To Be Colder Than Yukon With Today's Cool Temperatures

Whitehorse, Yukon can expect to see high single digit temperatures today while Southern Ontario remains around zero.
Ontario Editor
Ontario Actually Expected To Be Colder Than Yukon With Today's Cool Temperatures

With the first day of Spring less than a week away, Ontarians have been hoping for some sunshine and warmer weather. While we have to admit that the weather has finally started to warm up and we haven't seen an Extreme Cold Weather Alert for a while, the temperatures are still a bit too chilly to be the Spring weather that everyone was hoping for. Today, the chilliness continues as Ontario is actually expected to be colder than the Yukon.

That's right, according to The Weather Network, a majority of Southern Ontario will actually be at least 5 degrees cooler than Whitehorse, Yukon throughout Sunday. While we are expected to get some lake-effect snow throughout the day and temperatures of around zero, Whitehorse residents can expect to enjoy the sunshine with temperatures rising into the high single digits throughout the day. 

The temperatures that a majority of Southern Ontario is facing today is actually below seasonal temperatures for this time of the year. In Toronto, temperatures can be expected to drop to -5°C, which can feel as cold as -10°C throughout the night. 

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While the sun may be hinting at the Spring weather that is ahead, this weekend definitely won't reflect those temperatures. 

However, things do look up for Southern Ontario within the next week. According to The Weather Network, after the light snow that is expected throughout the rest of the day, Spring temperatures will finally start heading our way. 

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Toronto can expect to even see some double-digit temperatures into next weekend. While Monday and Tuesday are predicted to be around 4°C, the later days of the week start to warm up. 

Wednesday is expected to reach a high of 8°C, just in time for the start of spring, and by the time next Sunday rolls around, it is expected to be 11°C. 

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Hang in there Ontario, despite today's frigid temperature winter is almost over. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor
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