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Ontario Casino Workers Say They Haven't Been Paid In Six Weeks And Are Being Forced To Work Part Time

Canadian casinos have definitely found themselves in hot water more often than not when it comes to the media. From racially profiling Drake to money laundering, they definitely have been working through some tough press. Though the latest news from an employee who has been working at an Ontario casino has to be one of the weirdest and simultaneously frustrating stories we've heard all year. 

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This time, Casino Woodbine is being criticized after an employee created a burner Reddit account in order to share his story on the platform anonymously. The user, TIHS, recounts that he got the job as a dealer after attending a job fair in the summer and was told to come in for a 5-week training course. One of the first odd things they noticed was their offer letter was for a part-time job, not the full-time position he applied for. 

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When he questioned the interviewer about it, they claimed it was nothing to fret over and that everyone would be working overtime, meaning there were more than enough hours for everyone to get what they wanted.

After accepting, he agreed to the first two weeks of training being unpaid that would be followed with a bonus for passing the initial two weeks. From there, the final three weeks of training would be paid as well as an added bonus for completing all of the training. 

Come the first day of training, the employee noticed yet another odd occurrence. Of the 50 people in the first training class, there wasn't a single full-time worker. On top of that, another class made up of 50 employees was only comprised of part-time workers. Apparently, anybody who asked about wanting to go full time at the class was told the same thing - "all current dealers are working overtime," and not to worry. 

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Fast forward to week six of work and the employee is claiming that nobody has "received a single dollar from the casino," and when they ask about it, all they get are excuses. As of now, the employee claims that everyone has completed their training and are just waiting for their AGCO license to be approved so they are allowed to work on the floor. Yet still, nobody has seen a single cent. 

To make matters worse, the employee claims that after their five weeks of training, the casino initially said they would allow them to continue practising the games so they could learn while getting paid. When the time came, instead the casino told everyone who finished training that day not to come in until their license came, only then would you start to work. 

Unfortunately, it gets even weirder. The casino told employees that since they are all part-time workers, the majority of employees won't be scheduled. Instead, workers will need to pick up the shifts they want, but can only find out which shifts they can pick up by visiting the casino's employee lunch room. 

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Clearly, the casino is having some serious organizational issues. But according to the Reddit user, Woodbine is still running new training classes with another 50 employees slated to be thrown into the mix. Meaning if the casino continues to run the operation in the way the employee describes, this mess could get a lot worse on a much larger scale. 

Considering that the employee's story is riddled with illegal actions on the casino's end. Hopefully, either the employee behind the Reddit post or another worker attempts to get the Ministry of Labour involved at the suggestion of other users.

*To read the Reddit post in full you can click here

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