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Ontario College Students Will Get A Full Refund If They Decide To Withdraw This Semester

Ontario has announced that it will be lending additional assistance to students affected by the college strike, from support funds to full reimbursement of tuition.

The government has required colleges to establish "dedicated student support funds with net saving from the strike" to help those who have experienced financial burdens during the out-of-school period.

Both full-time domestic and international students are entitled to up to $500 for any incremental unexpected costs, such as rent, transit fare or additional child care fees. Students will be able to apply for financial assistance this week at their colleges, without any affect to their OSAP assessment.

However, students who would rather not go through with the condensed semester can also opt to withdraw completely and get their money back:

"Students who decide to withdraw from college because of the strike will receive a full tuition refund," reads the news release. Apprentices can also apply for a full refund of classroom fees if they are unable to complete their in-school training for reasons related to the strike." 

Students will only have two weeks to decide whether or not to drop out of the semester, starting tomorrow.

Such financial supports were determined via negotiations with student leaders, their colleges and provincial associations. Finalization and implementation of these plans will commence in the following days.

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