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Ontario Father And Daughter Sentenced To Seven Years In Jail For Stealing A Winning Lottery Ticket

Ontario father & daughter sentenced 7 years in prison and fined $4.6 million dollars after stealing a winning lottery ticket.
Ontario Father And Daughter Sentenced To Seven Years In Jail For Stealing A Winning Lottery Ticket

A father-daughter duo from Toronto stole a winning lotteryticket that was worth $12.5 million dollars and got away with it for several years. Only now have the pair been sentenced for their actions. A father from Ontario has now been sentenced to seven years in jail and his daughter to four years for stealing the winning lottery ticket. Not only did they steal the winning lottery tickets, but they spent millions of dollars of the winnings without getting caught. The two were also fined $2.3 million dollars each for their actions, according to BBC

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Jun-Chul Chung, who is 68 years old, and daughter Kathleen Chung, 36 were both found guilty of stealing a lottery ticket and claiming the money. Jun-Chul Chung, the father, worked at a convenience store in a Toronto suburb, which was owned by his son, Kenneth Chung, BBC reports. He reportedly stole the winning lottery ticket from a customer.

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The winning ticket originally belonged to Daniel Campbell. He had purchased the lottery ticket in Ontario all the way back in 2003 and had won five "free plays" from another ticket he had bought before, according to BBC

So how did two other people manage to not only steal his winning lottery ticket but also cash out $12.5 million dollars and get away with it for several years? Well, Jun-Chul Chung was working at the Toronto convenience store during that time and he was the one to validate the five free plays. 

When he found out one of the plays was the lottery winner, Chung actually stole it and gave Campbell back the other four losing tickets, according to the BBC. Campbell had no idea that the worker had taken his winning lottery ticket for himself.

Afterwards, Chung worked with his daughter to seal the deal for the stolen lottery ticket. Kathleen Chung ended up going to the prize centre and successfully cashed in on the $12.5 million winning ticket without getting caught. 

The two ended up spending their stolen money on extravagancies like mansions and luxury vehicles, BBC reports. 

Years later, Campbell has finally got backthe $12.5 million dollars he had actually won. "I'm just really happy," Campbell told BBC. "It's a big deal for myself and my family and I can maybe help them out and take care of them. I'm a little overwhelmed; a lot overwhelmed."

Campbell ended up dividing up the winning jackpot among himself and six other coworkers, according to the BBC. The group was all part of a lottery pool together. 

Justice Douglas Gray has now issued the Toronto father and daughter a fine of $2.3 million dollars each, which is how much still needs to be paid back for the winning lottery ticket from the two, according to the BBC. The court has already seized around $8 million dollars worth of assets from the pair. On top of this, the pair will be serving several years in prison. 

This Toronto father-daughter duo is not even the first lottery retailer workers to be guilty of stealing lottery ticket prizes. According to the BBC, the Canadian government estimates that around $198 million dollars of won lottery money have been stolen by lottery retailers, workers and their families in the country in the last 13 years.

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