If you're running on empty, you may be out of luck. Ontario gas stations are experiencing a fuel shortage and the Toronto area is getting hit particularly hard by this. Over the past few days, many Ontarians, especially in southern cities have revealed that some gas stations in their areas are completely out of gas. 

So far, the fuel shortages have been reported in Barrie, Markham, and especially in Toronto. Over the past few days, some residents revealed that stations at Avenue and Eglinton, Yonge and Roxborough, Bayview and Moore, multiple Petro Canada stations, and many more were all out of gas or running low. 

Despite the shortage at the stations, there are no major problems with the rest of the network. There are no shortages at the refineries or terminals, this is just a local issue. 

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That's because as it turns out the reason for the GTA shortage is the terrible weather we've been getting hit with all week. Between the extreme cold that is only beginning to lift now and the record-breaking snowfall earlier this week the trucks that deliver fuel to the various stations have been unable to make their regular deliveries. 

Even as the weather is starting to improve, the deliveries will now have to catch up with everything they missed before they can get back on a regular schedule. 

That means that for the time being some gas stations may be running out of fuel. Some places to watch have been identified by Ontario drivers recently. 

If you need gas for your commute home in Toronto beware that a lot of gas stations are out of gas (Avenue/Eglinton; Yonge/Roxborough; Bayview/Moore; many others)

31 January 2019

@GasBuddyDan Hi Dan. Would like to ask you why Markham gas stations are having trouble keeping gas in stock.

1 February 2019

Barrie Petro Canada only has regular gas. pic.twitter.com/xJDj5wUlqB

1 February 2019

Barrie Petro Canada only has regular gas. pic.twitter.com/xJDj5wUlqB

1 February 2019

The good news is the shortages won't last for long. Since there isn't a big system problem, as soon as the roads are better the fuel deliveries will go out and service will begin returning to normal. 

With temperatures warming up to way above seasonal this weekend we can expect the gas situation to improve pretty soon and it will likely be back to normal by the middle of the week. 

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If your gas station does have fuel right now, the good news is that it's still pretty well priced. In Ontario, the average price is currently 95 cents/litre, which is one of the lowest prices for gas in the past two years.