A Huge Sewing Needle Was Just Found Inside An Ontario Child's Halloween Candy (PHOTO)

Barrie Police have launched an investigation into the matter.
Toronto Staff Writer
Ontario Halloween Candy Was Found With A Huge Needle In It

The end of October should be a carefree time for Ontario children to cut loose and go on the hunt for Halloween candy. Sadly, one Ontario family was in for a scare when they discovered a surprise in one of their candy bars. The Barrie Police Service has now launched an investigation after a two-inch sewing needle was located inside of a Halloween treat.

A Barrie Police news release later reported that the investigation had led police to discover that the child attended homes in the Raymond Crescent and Serena Lane area and also on Danielle Crescent and Catherine Drive within the City of Barrie. "The child was not injured, but the potential for injury was certainly a possibility," investigators stated. 

"An examination of the packaging could not determine if the needle was inserted prior to packaging or afterwards," police added. "The chocolate bar has been seized by police, and the investigation remains ongoing."

Investigators confirmed to CBC that they don’t currently have any suspects. However, police are warning parents whose children also trick-or-treated near that neighbourhood to take a second look at their child's candy to ensure it's safe to eat.

An image of the needle in the candy was later revealed by police, highlighting the danger of the tampering.

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Anyone with information on this mischief is being asked to reach out to Constable Claridge of the Barrie Police Service or Crime Stoppers.

Ottawa Police put out a similar warning to its residents last year after launching an investigation following a report of a sewing needle found in a Halloween chocolate bar.

The report came from the Barrhaven neighbourhood of Ottawa, a highly residential and family-populated area. They specifically mention the area by Sherway and Vanessa but warned all residents to be on alert.

Police are now warning those in Barrie to take a second look at their Halloween candy before eating. 

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