The Canadian government is all set to legalize marijuana this summer after promising for quite some time to do so. Preparations are being made in earnest for the day when it officially becomes legal to walk into a store to buy your weed.

Health Canada recently unveiled what it thinks the packaging for marijuana should look like in stores and yesterday it was unveiled where the first 4 locations to buy it in Ontario will be, including one in Toronto. 

Via Google streetview

But if you think people are happy with the Toronto location you’d be completely wrong, people have some serious issues with it.  

The main concern is that it’s too close to quite a few schools for some people’s liking.

The location of the store will basically be at the corner of Gerrard and Victoria Park in the east end of the city. 

Toronto’s first ‘Ontario Cannabis Store’ will be located here at 2480 Gerrard St E at the intersection with Victoria Park. Plaza also includes a Tom Hortons, McDonalds and Fresh Co. @680NEWS @CityNews

April 11, 2018

It’s also less than 500 meters from Blantyre elementary school and is also under a kilometer from 3 different high schools, Malvern Collegiate, and Catholic high schools Neil McNeil and Notre Dame. 

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Now of course high school students will not be allowed to purchase anything from the store but the concern is that it is still too close for comfort and that students may still find someone to go in and buy it for them.

The other stores that were announced yesterday are being put in Kingston, Guelph and Thunder Bay.

So legal marijuana is definitely on the way, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is going to be happy. 

Source: Toronto Star