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Here's What Kind Of Home $400K Can Get You In 6 Cities Across Ontario

The difference between Toronto and Windsor is stunning.

If you live near Toronto, you might think trying to buy a house on a budget is impossible. However, there are a lot of cities across the province that offer homes at a much more affordable price.

If you're looking to buy an Ontario home with a budget of $400,000, you can get anything from a modest home to a shoebox condo, depending on where you look.

These six cities across Ontario all have listings for $400,000, but what you can get for that money differs greatly.

Toronto Bachelor Pad

Lindsay Selland | RE/MAX

Price: $399,999

Address: 221 - 18 Beverly St., Toronto, ON

Description: A small, but well-put-together studio condo near China Town.

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Thunder Bay Home

Norman Tempelman | RE/MAX

Price: $399,900

Address: 707 Thornloe Dr., Thunder Bay, ON

Description: A sizeable four-bedroom home in the city's most desirable neighbourhood.

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Hamilton Home

Rob Golfi | RE/MAX

Price: $395,900

Address: 119 Niagara St., Hamilton, ON

Description: An adorable home with plenty of space to host backyard BBQs.

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Peterborough Home

Chris Schier | RE/MAX

Price: $379,000

Address: 84 Aylmer St. N., Peterborough, ON

Description: A four-bedroom brick home that is walking distance from the city's downtown core.

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Century Brick Home Near Campbellford

Ed Burleigh | RE/MAX

Price: $400,000

Address: 2104 Wingfield Rd., Stirling-Rawdon, ON,

Description: A fixer-upper located on a sweeping 75-acre property.

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6-Bedroom In Windsor

Shastina Barlow | RE/MAX

Price: $399,000

Address: 420 Church St., Windsor, ON

Description: A huge six-bedroom home that is close to the Detroit River.

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