Even when the bad weather clears up, it still threatens Toronto. This week's Ontario ice storm may have settled down on December 3, but Toronto Police are warning drivers and pedestrians to beware of ice falling from tall buildings. Areas of the city have even been closed to the public as a result of the danger.

A public alert issued from the Toronto Police Services Twitter account on Tuesday morning highlighted the serious threat posed by falling ice.

"Police responding to reports of ice falling from construction cranes, buildings and other tall structures," read the message.

"Drivers asked to be mentally prepared of the possibility and to pull to safety if struck. Pedestrians asked to be aware, take Toronto PATH if possible."

According to CP24, ice has even been reported falling from the CN Tower.

After the Bay Street area was affected, CTV reports Bay has been closed for the time being in both directions from Wellington Street West to Harbour Street. 

Toronto Police's Victor Kwong told Narcity: "Even though we received several reports of ice falling on the Bay Street corridor, it's not as though it couldn't happen anywhere else."*

According to a tweet from Metrolinx's senior media manager Anne Marie Aikins, some areas have been roped off for pedestrians around Union Station and the GO Bus terminal.

As a precaution, GO buses are detouring around the road closure so there may be delays as it does so, according to Aikins.

Videos of the falling ice are being shared onto Twitter.

In the footage, you can see the danger posed by the weather conditions as ice begins to thaw and loosen from buildings.

Pieces can be seen flying off some of Toronto's tallest structures in the city.

The person who filmed one of these videos, Jeff Hubbel, told Narcity: "What I found remarkable was how slow it went — fluttered all the way down —)then hitting the ground with just a light 'tish' sound.

"People were walking by with it falling all around them and not even noticing. I never saw anybody look up until they saw me looking up."

It's certainly the time of the year for ice-related accidents, and the last few days have been particularly dangerous.

After the brutal ice storm caused chaos on the roads earlier this week, it seems Southern Ontario could be in for more poor weather over the next couple of days.

*This article has been updated.

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