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Ontario Is About To Get Hit With Flooding, Freezing Rain and More Rain Today and Tomorrow

Ontario will be hit with rain and flooding Sunday and Monday, The Weather Network warns.
Ontario Editor
Ontario Is About To Get Hit With Flooding, Freezing Rain and More Rain Today and Tomorrow

The extreme cold weather warnings have lifted and Ontarians are finally able to step outside again without having to worry about frostbite. While most of us are grateful for the above freezing weather, it's not all good news. Instead of blizzards, Ontarians are now about to get hit with flooding, freezing rain and rain tonight and into the early week. 

Depending on whether you are residing in Southern Ontario or Eastern Ontario, the weather will vary slightly, yet rain will very much be in your forecast. The Weather Network is warning that those in Southern Ontario, including Toronto, can experience heavy rain through Monday due to a warm front that is moving into the northern part of the province on Sunday. 

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Toronto is expected to get hit with over 5mm of rainthroughout Monday with more rain in the forecast for Thursday and Friday as well. As this heavy storm of rain pushes across southern Ontario tomorrow, and the higher temperatures melt the abundance of snow that we have also received previously in the past few weeks there is a heightened flood risk. 

Flooding should be prepared forand anticipated in southern Ontario, especially in areas where vasts amounts of snow have already accumulated. As the temperature warms this snow will start to melt quickly, as well as the rain that is also expected and cause flooding throughout Ontario.  

This rain front is expected to start in eastern Ontario today and create a prolonged freezing drizzle that can be expected to last until Monday. This period of freezing rain can cause for slippery roads and slower commutes. 

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Environment Canada has issued a freezing rain advisory for Ottawa and other areas of eastern Ontario for tonight and tomorrow. 

This is only the start of the 'messy week' that is about to hit Ontario. With the quick rising and falling of temperatures this week, snow storms and rain storms are expected to hit Toronto and the rest of southern Ontario back to back throughout the week. 

The Weather Networkis also predicting for a colder than normal February. So while we may have gotten a sweet taste of Spring weather, it is not expected to stay. 

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