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Ontario Is Going To Be Getting Slammed With A Massive Snow Storm And Here's When

While it's definitely gotten chillier in the past couple days in comparison to those few warm days we got in late February, it seems Winter just doesn't want to go away. Then again what is a classic Canadian Winter without one last massive snowstorm to remind us all to never assume it's ending earlier than usual? 

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Unfortunately, the snow storm will be rocking Southern Ontario in the next coming days. The start of flurries is expected to come around later today before picking up over Thursday and Friday to deliver those heartbreaking expected snow statistics. While the amount of snow each area will be getting will differ, it's expected that at least a minimum of 5cm will be hitting Toronto, versus areas like Brockville getting at a minimum 15cm. 

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While we can still hold onto the hope that this might not happen, considering sometimes meteorologists can get it wrong, let's be real. We probably will see at least a bit of snow this weekend. So get your snow boots ready and a solid line up of Netflix shows to binge in the comfort and warmth of your home this weekend! 

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