Ontario Is Going To Get Hit With The First Snowstorm Of The Season This Week

While some Ontarians are going to get summer heat, others will be covered in snow.
Ontario Is Going To Get Hit With The First Snowstorm Of The Season This Week

It may have felt like autumn was just beginning in Ontario but it looks like it won't be here to stay for very long in some parts of the province. While Toronto is expected to experience summer-like weather this week, parts of Ontario will be getting the first snowstorm of the year. 

Yes, that means the snow is making a comeback in October for 2018 and some Ontarians will be covered according to Environment Canada. 

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Parts of Northern Ontario are going to get quite a sweeping of snow between Wednesday, the 10th, and Thursday, the 11th. While it's not unheard of for blizzards to this early in the year, it's certainly not common for Ontario to get snow in October. 

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The regions were issued a special weather alert due to the cold-front coming during the middle of the week up from the Southern Plain States and over Lake Superior. Dropping temperatures and cloudy skies mean the snowfall will affect the following areas of the province.

Ontarians living up north should be prepared for the 10 to 20 centimetres of snow coming their way this week. Now would be a good time to break out the shovel from the garage and dig out your boots from the back of the closet. 

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Winter is definitely coming, Ontario! It's time to bundle up and kiss autumn goodbye, even if it is only a few days after Thanksgiving.

On the bright side, everyone excited to hit the snowmobile trails and spend time skiing will definitely be thrilled to know that winter is on its way in Ontario!