This spring, you can soar to new heights in Ontario where the longest suspension footbridge in the country stretches over an ancient canyon.

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The Eagle Canyon suspension footbridge is the top attraction in the province's Lake Superior Circle, located in the northwestern municipality of Dorion. It spans 600 feet long from anchor to anchor, making it longer than the previous longest suspension footbridge by 200 feet. It also hangs a staggering 152 feet off the canyon floor from its lowest point, allowing pedestrians to take in the stunning views of the Ouimet landscape.

In the nearby vicinity, there's a smaller bridge that spans 300 feet across and hangs 125 feet in the air. It provides a different angle for viewing the canyon's majestic features.

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From both bridges, you'll see the canyon's towering cliffs, evergreen forests and beautiful spring-fed lake at the bottom. They are part of a system of wilderness trails that descend down the the bottom of the canyon, where visitors can also take a scenic hike by the lake shoreline.

True thrill seekers will also enjoy the canyon's epic zip line, which is an alternate way to get to the bottom of the canyon. It takes the title of Canada's longest, highest and fastest zip line, stretching half a mile long at 175 feet in the air. Riders will reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour during the 60-second experience.

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Eagle Canyon Adventures, which oversees all canyon experiences, opens this year on May 1. All visitors are required to sign in and pay an entrance fee of $20 per person (and $10 per child).

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