Ontario Is One Of The Only Provinces That Feels Respected By Other Canadians

Ontario feels most respected province in Canada.
Ontario Is One Of The Only Provinces That Feels Respected By Other Canadians

It looks like Ontarians are some of the proudest Canadians out there to call their province home. New data shows that Ontario is one of the only provinces that feels respected by other Canadians. Out of all 13 provinces and territories in Canada, only the majority of people in two provinces feel that other Canadians respect them – Ontario and BC. 

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New data from the Angus Reid Institute, which is a national, not-for-profit research organization that specializes in polls, revealed some interesting information on how Canadians view their home provinces. The report was released today on January 30. 

The majority of people living in Ontariofeel like they are respected as Ontarians, according to the data from the Angus Reid Institute. 53% of Ontarians polled believe that their province is respected by the rest of Canada.

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The only province to overtake them was BC, where 57% of residents polled felt their home province was respected by other Canadians. Based on the data, it looks like the rest of the provinces felt like they weren't taken seriously by other Canadians. 

"A full majority of British Columbians (57%) agree with the statement, 'My province is respected by the rest of the country.'," reads the report from the Angus Reid Institute. "B.C. and Ontario are the only places where more than half of the population agrees with this sentiment". 

A significantly high percentage of people polled in Quebec, Alberta, Atlantic Canada, and Saskatchewan felt that the other provinces didn't respect them. In Quebec, 71% of people polled said that their province wasn't respected by the rest of the country and in Alberta, a whopping 74%. 

The reason for this? Many people may feel a stronger sense of self with their province than with their country. "We have something of a sense of resentment in and among the family compact that is Canada," Shachi Kurl, executive director of Angus Reid Institute, told Ottawa Citizen. "So we have siblings feeling … there is a sense of lack of commonality in and among them". 

"It speaks to a theme," said Kurl about the data. "Canada is a really big country. How many Canadians, how many people in this country have actually been to all 10 provinces?"

Another interesting finding from the report was that when it came to which province felt the most fairly treated by Justin Trudeau's national government, Ontario came out on top of the list. 56% of Ontarians felt that they were treated fairly by the federal government, but in every single other province, the majority of people polled felt their province wasn't treated fairly. 

To read the full data that was recently released by the Angus Reid Institute, you can visit their website