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Ontario Is Slated To Get An Insane New $11 Billion Transportation System

The train line seems amazing, but not everyone's on board.
Ontario Is Slated To Get An Insane New $11 Billion Transportation System

Ontario just dropped a staggering $11 billion to start building the first-ever high-speed commuter train line. The trains will travel at 250 km/hour to get travellers from London to Union Station in a little over an hour. Considering how far people are willing commute these days, this trains seems like a godsend.

Premier Kathleen Wynne says a high speed rail line is on track to carry passengers between London and Toronto by 2025 with the help of an $11 billion investment from the province.

April 6, 2018

The plans, announced by Premier Kathleen Wynne, are apparently well underway. Station stops have already been decided. They include London, Kitchener, Guelph, Union Station and Pearson Airport. The second phase of the project would include stops in Windsor and Chatham. 

Via Dreamstime/Yinan Zhang

As far as commute times and travel opportunities in Ontario, this train line could be a game changer -- but not everyone's on board. There's definitely concern that, because of how expensive the train line will be to build and operate, it may not be a realistic option for everyday commuting. Can the government keep the ticket prices low enough so people can get to work without going broke?

Big news for @RegionWaterloo. #OntarioBudget 2018 promises $11 billion towards phase one of high-speed rail between Toronto to @CityKitchener and on to London! Major vote of confidence in importance of #TOWRCorridor for Ontario's future!

March 28, 2018

In one article, a transportation policy expert says that there are only two similar high-speed rail lines in the world that actually make any money now that they're up and running. One is in Tokyo and the other is in Paris. In Ontario, especially with station stops in tiny cities like Windsor and Chatham, the loss of money could be devastating.

But, the government has already committed to the $11 billion investment. Service for the train line could begin as early as 2025. While there are lots of promises that this project will change commuting in Ontario for the better, there are also tons of unanswered questions. 

Source: Macleans, Global, Government of Ontario

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