6 Ontario Companies That Are Hiring RN & Have Over-The-Top Employee Perks

Tuition reimbursment, $20K down payment for a home and more!

Toronto Staff Writer
Ontario Jobs That Are Hiring RN With Amazing Perks

Most people want a great place to work with decent benefits, but these employers take employee perks to the next level! From a $20,000 down payment for your first home to tuition reimbursement, you'll want to apply to these places.

If you're looking for a new gig in Ontario, you might want to get your resume ready for these six companies who are now hiring.


Location: Cities across Ontario

Who Should Apply: With hundreds of open positions in Ontario, all education levels should be able to find a role whether you're in high school, working off student loans or in university.

Perks: Starbucks goes above and beyond for its team and will give eligible employees $1,000 yearly reimbursement for tuition and books fees from accredited institutions. The company also gives eligible employees up to $10,000 back from their adoption expenses for each child.

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Location: 36 Wellington St. E., Toronto, ON

Who Should Apply: With over 20 unique jobs open, you may need a degree, years of industry experience, or just 3-7 years of life experience.

Perks: Wattpad offers full health benefits, free snacks, a monthly $200 work-from-home allowance, RRSP matching, and flexible hours. Not to mention in the summer employees get Friday afternoons off to start their weekends early.

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Location: 241 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON

Who Should Apply: They have 40 open jobs in a variety of sectors like legal, marketing, engineering, people operations, internships and more, so depending on your role, you may need some great experience, a degree or just the right attitude.

Perks: At Wealthsimple, your welcome package includes a MacBook, adapter, and Bose headphones. Employees also get 20 vacation days, unlimited sick and mental health days, and up to $1,000 a year to spend on a home office, wellness or taking a new course.

If you like to travel, the company also offers a program called the "90 Days Away program" where employees can work internationally for 90 days each year.

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Rakuten Kobo Inc

Location: 135 Liberty St. 101, Toronto, ON

Who Should Apply: They have 10 open positions in Toronto, and they are looking to fill them with candidates with post-secondary degrees in relevant fields like accounting, financing, computer science or experience, depending on the role.

Perks: Their dog-friendly office offers a happy hour, fitness allowance, four-day summer holiday weekends, free snacks, and a free E-reader.

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C.F. Crozier & Associates Inc.

Location: Collingwood, Milton, Toronto, Bradford

Who Should Apply: Crozier is hiring over 30 roles across the province, so qualifications vary, but you might want to take a look if you have experience in engineering, design, or business.

Perks: This company offers eligible employees up to $20,000 for a downpayment on their first home.

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Location: 355 Adelaide St W., Toronto, ON

Who Should Apply: Right now, they are hiring nine mid- to senior roles that require an undergraduate degree, experience in the field or an MHA or MBA.

Perks: At Maple, you get three weeks of vacation, extended health and dental benefits from your first day, parental leave top-up and up to $1,000 yearly to spend on professional learning.

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