Ontario Man Angrily Set A Garbage Can On Fire When He Was Kicked Out Of A Local Business

London man charged after setting fire to a garbage bin and assaulting police.
Ontario Editor
Ontario Man Angrily Set A Garbage Can On Fire When He Was Kicked Out Of A Local Business

When an Ontario man was told to leave a local London establishment on Friday afternoon, he didn't take the news very well. Instead of leaving, the Ontario man angrily set a garbage can on fire inside of the building in protest. Police were called to the scene where the suspect fled on foot and assaulted London Police officers before he was finally arrested with multiple charges. 

On Friday, April 12, 2019, at around 12:45 AM a 36-year-old Ontario man, Quan Hong Dang stepped inside a local business on Huron Street in London, Ontario. According to a statement released by London Police this afternoon, once Dang was inside the store he started to become very disruptive. Eventually, the business asked him to leave the building, but he refused.  

Dang did not take this request to leave very lightly. After the business attempted to kick Dang out of the building for being disruptive he refused to leave. Instead, he found a garbage can inside of the building and proceeded to angrily light it on fire. 

The business quickly contacted London Police and informed of the situation that was escalating. Yet once the police arrived, Dang quickly fled out of the building on foot and away from the police. 

A short foot chase ensued between police and Hong and eventually, police were able to stop him. However, during the arrest, Dang managed to actually punch one of the police officers in the face. 

Fortunately, the officer only suffered minor injuries from the assault, and Dang was quickly arrested. London Police have not reported whether there were any injuries within the business. 

Since then, Dang has been charged with multiple offences including arson causing property damage, assault, and resisting arrest. 

Dang is expected to appear in the London court today for these charges that have been laid. 

Anyone with information to this incident is asked to call the London Police Service at (519) 661-5670 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Information can also be submitted online at www.londoncrimestoppers.com

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor
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