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Ontario Man Who Found Wanzhen Lu After He Was Kidnapped Speaks Out

A Gravenhurst, Ontario man is crediting his dog for locating Wanzhen Lu.

Details are continuing to pour in about the kidnapping of a 22-year-old Chinese international student in Markham, with the latest development revolving around a Gravenhurst, Ontario local who helped Wanzhen Lu. Lu, who was abducted from the underground parking garage of his Markham condo building last Saturday, was released by his captors in a field somewhere near Doe Lake Road in Gravenhurst on Tuesday night.

The man recounted how he’d been walking his dog when it began barking at something moving in the dark. According to CityNews, the man heard a voice and decided to take matters into his own hands and investigate, which is where he found a very confused Lu stumbling around in the dark.

“He had a dark hoodie on that had duct tape on it,” the man explained during an interview with CityNews. The Gravenhurst local went on to explain that Lu appeared visibly shaken and had no idea where he was. Lu then told the man that he had been kidnapped which is when the resident contacted police.

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“He was looking quite rattled and super upset, which I totally understand,” the man continued.

Police were quick to respond to the call arriving on the scene just 10 minutes after receiving it. Lu was later transferred to a nearby hospital where he was treated for minor injuries. The troubled student has since been returned home to the York Region.

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York Regional Police are still searching for a motive behind the mysterious and violent kidnapping. The whereabouts of the four suspects linked to Lu's abduction remain unknown.