Have you ever seen a property and just thought that it was larger than life? This Ontario mansion for sale is exactly that, and when you see the photos, you'll understand why. The entire place exudes luxury, and it is more of a palace than a regular mansion. The most extra part of the estate? The golden bathtub. The whole place is decked in a white and gold theme, making you feel like you've stepped into a royal palace.

The living room and dining room have gold-accented furniture, and the bathroom will take you to a whole other world. 

The space also has an airy feel as the ceilings are so massive you could probably zipline throughout parts of it. This place in Markham, Ontario, is nothing short of breathtaking. It is newly built, only one year old, and has over 10,000 square feet of space. It's in a private area with almost an acre of ravine surrounding the property, so you can pretend you're in a land far far away when you wake up. With the 15 rooms and eight bedrooms it offers, you could bring along some of your friends and host some extravagant sleepovers.Watch some movies in your massive living room, before taking the party to the expansive kitchen island where you can bake cookies all night long. 

This place is fit for a queen, and you'll want nothing more than to soak in the golden tub. 

All the place now needs is a golden toilet, and the entire bathroom would be a glistening paradise. 

Not to mention, the place comes with a walk-in closet that is fit for any royal, including Kate Middleton. 

However, if royalty isn't for you, there are some more affordable options in the Toronto area. 

Golden Bathtub Mansion

Price: $7,388,000

Address: 79 Elgin St., Markham, ON

Description: This place is enough to take your breath away while you soak in the golden bathtub.

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