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Ontario Minimum Wage Is Officially Going Up To $15 An Hour

The Ontario labour laws just underwent huge and impactful changes that will seriously affect those working in the province. Bill 148 - the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act outlined the official adjustments to Ontario's existing labour laws. Some of these changes include equal pay for part-time workers, longer personal emergency leave, and more vacation time.

However, there is one particular change that is causing huge controversy across the province. That would be the official move to have minimum wage increased to $15 an hour by 2019.  The plan is to start off by taking the current $11.60 an hour wages, to $14 an hour by January 1, 2018 and then to $15 in January 1, 2019. Giving employers less than 2 year to manage a $3.40 increase in wages per hour, per worker.

When it comes to other provincial wages, students under the age of 18 and liquor serving workers can also expect an increase in pay. Students, your current wage of $10.90 an hour will increase to $13.50 per hour in 2018, then $14.10 in 2019. As for those working in the serving industry, the current $10.10 an hour will be bumped up to $12.20 in 2018, then $13.05 in 2019.

The news of this wage increase has been met with mixed reactions - some excited about the prospective of a livable minimum wage and others fearful and upset about the effects this could have on job availability.

The largest group to be affected, are the small businesses operating in the province, who will now be dishing out a larger portion of their earnings to employee wages. In order to combat their worries over the minimum wage increase, the Liberals have created new tax breaks to help them along the way. Yet, many Ontario businesses aren't feeling reassured.

For those unhappy with the changes, the Progressive Conservative Party recently announced that if elected in 2018, they plan to slow down the increase in minimum wage by a few years. Instead of implementing the full increase by 2019, they aim to do a 25 cents increase over the next four years.

However, as it stands - the province of Ontario can look forward to a jump in wages come 2018 & 2019 New Year's Day.

Source: Legislative Assembly Of Ontario

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