Ontario Mother Killed Her 3-Year-Old Child After Running Her Car Into The Grand River

Michelle Hanson has been charged with impaired driving after killing her son after running her car into Grand River.
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Ontario Mother Killed Her 3-Year-Old Child After Running Her Car Into The Grand River

Last October, an Ontario mother was charged with impaired driving that resulted in the death of her 3-year-old son Kaden Young. This came after she drove her car into Grand River in February 2018.  Since then, court documents have been filed with new evidence against Ontario mother, Michelle Hanson. These files claim that a toxicology test shows that cocaine and other drugs were found in the mother's system at the time of the crash at Grand River.  

Michelle Hanson was driving to her home in Waldermar, Ontario in late February of last year with her 3-year-old son Kaden Young in the back seat. During a storm, Hanson's van drove past a road closure sign and ran into the water banks of Grand River. She was unable to safely rescue her son and he was declared missing. 

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It wasn't until months later, in April 2018,  that Young's body was found by a fisherman downstream near where he had first gone missing. The 3-year-old boy's cause of death was drowning. 

Many months after that, in October 2018 Hanson was charged with impaired driving causing death, criminal negligence causing death and dangerous driving causing death. 

Now, a new court document has been filed as part of a family proceeding that claims Hanson had a variety of drugs in her system when the crash occurred.

The document claims that a toxicology reportdiscovered that Hanon had cocaine, Percocet and OxyCotin in her system, as well as alcohol when her son drowned in the river. 

This isn't the only information that has been released to the court. It is also alleged that at the time of Young's death, Hanson had actually left the house with her son to buy a pack of cigarettes. 

Hanson claims that the reason she took her son for the car journey was that the car rides often helped Young to fall asleep. 

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These court documents and claimsagainst Hanson have yet to be testified to in court. 

Source: CTV News 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor