Many Torontonians were devastated when Ontario Place shut down in 2012. The former amusement park was a popular attraction for several years and took a big part in many childhoods, but it had to close due to the decrease of visitors.

After years of planning, the first phase of the government owned property is set to open summer 2017! According to The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport the 7.5 acre Urban Park and William.G. Davis Trail will have a canyon, bluff and summit on the grounds.

Over 1,240 oak, basswood, sugar maple trees and other greenery will be planted on the park's land and waterfront trail. The William.G. Davis Trail will lead to a rocky beach and fire pit, that will be a spectacular gathering place for visitors to enjoy the city skyline. There will also be a romantic garden, an open-air pavilion surrounded by forestry and a boardwalk for people to explore the beautiful property.

Breathtaking and elevated views of Lake Ontario and Toronto will be vivid from the summit, which will be located at the southern tip of the park.

The Urban Park and Waterfront Trail has been in the works for quite sometime now. It will be the perfect place to escape the city, relax and enjoy what nature has to offer. We look forward to seeing the final outcome!

Photo credThe Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Sources: City NewsThe Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport