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Ontario Roads Are So Bad That Over 50 Collisions Have Been Reported (PHOTOS)

It seems that Ontarians can't handle the snow, as over 70 collisions have been reported since Wednesday night. With a predicted 15 centimetres of snow expected to fall onto Ontario roads by Thursday night, conditions are expected to get worse. OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt is urging everyone to drive slow and to stay as alert as possible in the rough conditions.

According to the OPP, officers were responding to over 50 collisions on Wednesday night, and another 20 were reported on Thursday morning.

Conditions are expected to affect the morning as well as the evening commute today. 

Environment Canada has issued a weather statement for the region, warning of slippery, icy conditions, but there are no more snowfall warnings as of this time. 

The ploughs have been going all night, according to Sgt. Schmidt, but people still need to exercise extreme caution because they are seeing a lot of careless driving resulting in collisions."Please think about where you're going, what you're doing, how much following distance you have with the vehicle in front of you," Schmidt said in the tweet. "Plan ahead, look to see how long it's gonna take to get to where you're going. Your travel may be much longer than what you anticipated."

Toronto Transport is asking people to drive as carefully as possible in this wet, snowy weather, which is also mixed with freezing rain and ice pellets. 

Ontario roads were such a mess last night that even an officer actually got hit by a car while he was sitting in his vehicle. 

The collision happened at Highway 401 and Leslie at around 11 p.m., according to a tweet from OPP.

The officer was responding to a vehicle collision and was sitting in his car when another motorist hit him from behind. 

The officer in the vehicle was not seriously injured, but he did have to go to the hospital, according to Sgt. Schmidt. "A pretty scary situation when we see drivers going way too fast, driving in conditions that require your full attention especially when you're approaching stopped emergency vehicles," Schmidt said in the tweet.

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