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More Toronto Commute Chaos Is Expected Later This Week As The Snow Returns With A Vengeance

Toronto commuters, brace yourself.
Toronto Staff Writer
More Toronto Commute Chaos Is Expected Later This Week As The Snow Returns With A Vengeance

If you were thinking of hitting the road this Friday, you might want to brace yourself for longer-than-usual commute times around the GTA. An Ontario snow forecast is warning that flurries will return across the southern areas of the province on Thursday. This is likely to make commuting more difficult, again.

According to The Weather Network, southern Ontario will be hit by snowfall on Thursday morning, which is expected to have a significant impact on commute times across the Greater Toronto Area on Friday. 

A potent clipper system is predicted to sweep its way across southern Ontario on Thursday evening and into Friday, bringing an onslaught of wet snow during the morning commute into the GTA.

Thankfully, total accumulation isn’t supposed to surpass 2-5 cm, which really isn’t that much snow.

However, it will likely be enough to make for slippery conditions, especially on untreated and highly travelled roads. So it might be time to brace yourself for longer and more difficult journeys again.

Gusty winds and low afternoon temperatures are also predicted to bring another round of lake-effect snows for areas of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay this week.

"By late Wednesday afternoon, snow squalls will form off Lake Superior, Lake Huron, and Georgian Bay," explained TWN meteorologist Kevin MacKay.

[rebelmouse-image 25960019 photo_credit="Toronto Weather Forecast " expand=1 original_size="497x531"]

Winds are also predicted to shift slowly through Wednesday night, letting bands drift south to north through their lifespans.

Back in November, of course, a vicious winter storm caused over 400 vehicle collisions in the GTA.

Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the OPP reported the shocking number of accidents on November 12, 2019, while stating that the majority of the accidents were the result of the reckless winter driving.

So, if you’re going to brave the weather on Friday, be sure to drive safely.

Some flurries are also expected later on Wednesday, and Toronto is set to get just a single hour of sunlight all day long as a result.

Meanwhile, weather experts are also predicting that we will see more winters storms in December than we did last year thanks to a system of irregular patterns headed our way this month.

So, what’s the best day this week to get your Christmas shopping done?

According to Toronto’s forecast, Sunday is looking like the ideal travel day. If you’re looking to avoid the commuting chaos moving your plans to the second half of the weekend should help you out.

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